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Touching Magic: Scenes from an Enchanted Wilderness
a pop up exhibition during the Slow Exposures Festival, September 14-17, 2023,  Zebulon, GA

The undeveloped barrier islands off the coast of Georgia remain wilderness while bearing witness to some human presence since 2,000 BC. Decaying and ruined mansions, feral horses, donkeys, and boars document memories of human activity, where now there are more animals than people. In this place of extreme beauty one finds truth and mystery, and hope. In Touching Magic: Scenes from an Enchanted Wilderness, 28 artists share photographs that illustrate the charm and grace of this land. We hope that these photographs evoke empathy for the environment and the desire to cherish it. Please visit ONE HUNDRED MILES for information on understanding and protecting Georgia’s coast and its wildlife.


Photographs by Jacqueline Asplundh, Greg Banks, Anne Berry, Meg Birnbaum, Addison Brown, Jessica Ekern, Donna Garcia, Ann George, Meg Griffiths, Gary Gruby, Kirsten Hoving, Evy Huppert, Heidi Kirkpatrick, Sandra Klein, Sal Taylor Kydd, Dale Niles, Ted Orland, Emma Powell, Anna Robertson, Deborah Saul, Deb Schwedhelm, Anne Silver, Parker Stewart, Dennis Szerszen, Brian Taylor, Anne Walker, Karey Walter and Lee Anne White.

For information on having this exhibiton travel to your venue along with programing on coastal conservation, please contact

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